Fall from Heaven: Age of Ice
Age of Ice is a scenario the Fall from Heaven team created for Beyond the Sword. It chronicles the events of the 3rd age of Erebus and is a precursor to Fall from Heaven II.

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  Mokka sat playing in the snow. In one hand, he held a stickman and in the other a beast made out of packed snow. He made growls and weapon noises as he pretended they were fighting.

  "What have we here, a frostling out by himself?"

  Two scouts approached, weapons drawn. Mokka's staff lay on the ground beside him, but he was unwilling to give up his play to grab it. Instead he held the stickman up to the closest scout. Unimpressed the scout raised his axe. Mokka snapped the stickman in two; as it broke so did the scout, bending backwards until his head slammed into his heels with a thud.

  The second scout stepped away, terrified.

  Mokka held the snow beast out towards him, shaking it gently in the air. The scout heard the snow rising up behind him. Mokka had lost his stickman, he would need new toys to entertain him, and these new toys made their own sounds.