Fall from Heaven Team Members:
 Derek "Kael" Paxton
 Michael "AlazkanAssassin" Hall
 Jon "Corlindale" Duus
 Philippe "C.Roland" Côté-Léger
 Eli "Loki" Markham
 Randy "Niki's-Knight" Miller
 Martin "Ploeperpengel" Zutz
 Stephan "seZereth" Weiß
 Ben "Talchas" Segall
 Ilia "White Rabbit" Draznin
 William "Wilboman" Nordan
 Tom "Woodelf" Snyder
 Dave "Hexagonian" Sobotka

Professional Resources Used:
A huge thanks to the artists I shamelessly cut tiny pieces of art from to make all of the icons and graphics used in this mod. Justin Sweet, Brom, Don Maitz, Keith Parkinson, etc etc are all amazing and contributed (unknowingly) not only the amazing art, but inspiration for a fantasy world through their work. Several icons are used from the GuildWars game for their clear evocative style.

Some of the songs heard in this mod are from the Eclipse Mod for Half-life 2 and Arcanum. There are also tracks from Might and Magic 7 and Disciples 2. Additionally there are small cuts (5-30 seconds) of songs from Enya and Cirque du Soleil throughout the mod.

 Justin Sweet
 Greg Staples
 Jason Engle (used with permission)
 Keith Parkinson
 Don Maitz
 Linda Bergkvist
 Aleksi Briclot

 Rich Douglas (used with permission)
  (used with permission)
 Cirque du Soleil
 "I am unborn of flesh, untouched by death, the enemy of peace and rest. That weakness in a sword yet unbroken, that would fail its wielder in battle and cost his life, or crack that will form in the capstone under to much pressure and cause the house to crumble."

 "In that age any thought of the gods was mirrored in creation. Trees were Sucellus’s green musing on the golden pillars of heaven, butterflies the scattered whims of gentle Amathaon. But these gods knew fear as well, and even their fear became manifest. I am their fear of war, of the battles, rage and pain that even they are victim to."

 "Bound and hidden, as is their fear, I am still a part of creation. And if unbound I will act out their fears upon the land, and Erebus will crumble under my sword."

 - Buboes