Fall from Heaven is a dark fantasy game mod for Civilization 4. It is loosely based on my long running Dungeons and Dragons campaign world. Although the original D&D game provides a lot of the history, flavor and mythology in the mod a team of writers are constantly creating new material to detail the world. The intent was never to replicate the D&D campaign, but to create the best possible turn based fantasy strategy game using any material that would help.

The first version of Fall from Heaven was released on December 16th, 2005. At the time it focused on limited spells, summoning and a new unit upgrade structure. New religions and heroes followed quickly after and made Fall from Heaven a popular Civ4 mod at CivFanatics. It was popular enough to attract six team members, Woodelf, Loki, C.Roland, Chalid, Corlindale and Wilboman who began providing new ideas, art and writing for the mod.

Most importantly the team began planning Fall from Heaven II. Firaxis released the SDK for Civ4, allowing modders even more control over their games and Fall from Heaven II was designed without regard for technical limitations. Understanding that the design was going to be beyond my meager programming skills Talchas was recruited to create an elaborate spell system.

The first version of Fall from Heaven II was released on May 19th, 2006. It quickly eclipsed the popularity of the first version and became the most popular Civ4 mod in the world, a title it retains to this day. All of the original members remain active team members, additionally AlazkanAssassin, Nikis-Knight, Ploeperpengel, SeZereth, Sto and White Rabbit joined the team bringing us to 14 members.

Fall from Heaven II was so ambitious that it had to be broken into 4 main phases:

“Light” – Covers the spell system and introduction of 16 distinct civilizations
“Fire” – Introduces Armageddon and the Mercurians (Angelic) and Infernal (Demonic) civilizations
“Shadow” – Introduces quests, equipment and the Sidar and Svartalfar civilizations
“Ice” – Covers the scenarios and the Illian civilization

At this point the team is working on finishing the “Shadow” phase, which is in public beta. We have one version of "Shadow" left to go before we begin working on “Ice”.

- Derek “Kael” Paxton
 His ideas and character often lead others to believe that Yvain may be from the moon instead of the forests he cares for. His eccentric nature leads him across Erebus, visiting secluded glades, talking to exotic animals and chasing nymphs across pebbled river banks.

 Even some within the Fellowship question if Yvain has the sincerity his respected stature would seem to require of him, but none doubt that he is the most powerful Druid and the favored child of Cernunnos. It was Yvain that first dreamed of the Ancient Forests and who is the first to face every newly discovered wilderness. To everyone who delights in finding the wonders of this world, know that the Woodelf has walked through these places before, and that they are all the more amazing because of it.