Fall from Heaven- The Original FfH Mod.

Fall from Heaven II- Requires Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword patch 3.17 to play.

FfH Trailer- Gameplay trailer created by Jupei
Doviello Berserkers carry crude weapons into battle, a throwing rock bigger than a man's head or a stout branch. They use these makeshift weapons because they are temporary. The first opponent killed became the weapon of choice. Grabbed by the ankles they would be swung like a meaty flail. Blood sprayed over opponents and every swing would lose more and more of the corpse until another was needed to replace the first. At this point in the battle the "weapons" were always readily available. Occasionally an opponent would be grabbed while still alive. The effect of being beaten by a bloody body that was screaming at you while it happened is traumatizing to even the most hardened warrior. Few armies were willing to face them.