Many peoples claim the blood of heroes or even gods amongst their ancestors; the Amurites are alone in believing themselves children of the one hero to have slain a god. Kylorin, the ageless sorcerer, adopted this people during the harsh Age of Ice, and with their help overthrew the dread god-king Mulcarn. He left behind the gift of unparalleled magical talents as well an insatiable curiosity for all things mystical. Their powers earn suspicion form the upright and envy from the fallen, and so that Valledia the Even and Dain the Caswallan must walk a careful path in this new age. Their skills and their secrets make them a dangerous target, but an inviting one nonetheless.

Hero: Govannon
World Spell: Arcane Lacuna
Starting Mana: Body, Fire, Mind

It’s a nation of lies and illusions led by a madman and his daughter. All those still clinging to sanity fled long ago, and now the Balseraphs share Perpentach’s madness, living to amuse him. He goes to war on a whim and fights unpredictably, but is no less a threat for it. Despite the capriciousness of their ruler, the Balseraph cities are marvels to behold, dizzying carnivals filled with endless amusement and captivating horrors. Should the Fool King step out for a bit, his young daughter Keelyn will emerge from the shadows to hold an elaborate court filled entirely with otherworldly creatures bound to her will.

Hero: Loki
World Spell: Revelry
Starting Mana: Air, Chaos, Mind

The Bannor Empire is a people forged by unbelievable hardship into a weapon of unrelenting justice. They are led by Sabathiel, an angel held to the strictest interpretation of the Compact, and Capria, a woman of boundless courage. With a sprawling but well ordered empire, the Bannor people take great pride in how much they have accomplished. They have the will to take the fight to the enemy no matter the price; the only question is if they will take it too far, but they did not fight their way through fire and ice only to let the world fall to darkness.

Hero: Donal Lugh
World Spell: Rally
Starting Mana: Earth, Law, Spirit

Ancient and powerful, the rulers of the Calabim posses a dark secret. Through fell ritual their lives can be prolonged at the expense of others, and by this act Alexis and Flauros have created a decadent vampiric aristocracy. Their battlefield success comes at a price they are only too happy to pay—the blood of their human thralls, kept in miserable conditions to serve as little more than cattle. This secret would surely incense all honorable nations of Erebus, but could even the strongest legion compare to the might of a vampire lord? Perhaps their enemies are willing to dismiss the ugly rumors as just that, to avoid the danger of sharing the fate of the sad Calabim humans.

Hero: Losha Valas
World Spell: River of Blood
Starting Mana: Body, Law, Shadow

 Clan of Embers
Are the numberless orcs of Erebus shunned because of their viciousness and cruelty, or are they cruel and vicious because they are shunned? A riddle which troubles sages and priests, perhaps, but battlefield commanders have little time for such thoughts when the Clan of Embers is upon them. Quick and harsh like the fallen goddess they serve, orcs and goblins have menaced civilizations since the end of the Age of Magic. In the Age of Rebirth, however, they pose a more dire threat as uncontrolled hordes have been shaped into one mighty clan under Jonas the War-Priest. Sheelba, their queen, brings the advances of civilization but none of its civility.

Hero: Rantine
World Spell: For the Horde
Starting Mana: Body, Fire, Nature

The greatest shock to those who study the Doviello is this—that they are indeed human. This is a tribe so savage and feral that most sane people assume them to be monsters; alas such barbarism is indeed rooted in the deepest reaches of the human soul. The unending winter of the Age of Ice winnowed away compassion and trust from the Doviello, stripped them bare of everything but will and strength. Charadon leads them like a wolf pack, constantly in search of the easiest and weakest prey. Even orcs and beasts fear the alpha wolf of the Doviello. Mahala is subtler, but no less dangerous for her tendency to strike quick and vanish back into the snowy night.

Hero: The War Machine
World Spell: Wild Hunt
Starting Mana: Body, Chaos, Earth

The Elohim are the heirs to an honored and selfless legacy. Throughout the ages they have guarded sacred shrines, given comfort to the broken, and brokered peace among between deadly rivals. The role the Elohim have chosen earns them the adoration of the humble man, but rulers often resent their meddling and seek the mysteries they guard. Though he prizes peace above all, Einion Logos will not let his followers be slaughtered like lambs. And though she is willing to sacrifice all, Ethne the White will not stand by as their good works are undone by the growing evil that sees kindness as vulnerability.

Hero: Corlindale
World Spell: Sanctuary
Starting Mana: Nature, Spirit, Water

Agares the angel of hope fell from heaven for lust of power. Cassiel, leader of the Grigori, fell from contempt of it. The races of Erebus are divine enough to choose their own fate, and any intervention in it by the so-called gods is too much for him. In his lands he shelters refugees from the ideological wars that mark the Age of Rebirth, as well the Luonnotar, a reclusive sect strangely immune to the powers of sorcerer and shaman alike. Cassiel has wagered more than mortals could dream of on his stand for human determinism, and so neither force nor persuasion will bring him to side fully with the agenda of any god or religion. Will his followers have the courage to defend this new vision for Erebus?

Hero: None
World Spell: Ardor
Starting Mana: Enchantment, Spirit, Water
Special Note: The Grigori spawn special Adventurer units as Great People. Adenvurters are Hero units that can be promoted into any unit type.

How do you survive when all you have is tradition? How do you feed your tribe if honor is all you posses? The enterprising Rhoanna found a solution. Rather than spend their martial prowess in fruitless raids against each other, their vigor is sold to the highest bidder. The Hippus have become the most famous mercenaries. Led by Tasunke in the field and Rhoanna at the bargaining table, these horse-bound warriors will turn on old friends as soon as their contract is finished if their new allies demand it. Other leaders wonder if the Hippus truly have no agenda beyond wealth, the clank of coins paid for a battle waged. The Hippus clans know their survival is assured so long as every rival sees them as a potential asset.

Hero: Magnadine
World Spell: Warcry
Starting Mana: Air, Nature

These are the remnants of those served the despot god Mulcarn in the previous Age. The fearsome supernatural winter of the Age of Ice shaped this society, but the void left when Mulcarn was slain by Kylorin left them broken and disparaged. The wandering Auric Ulvin heard their whispers, and now leads the Illians in search of their lost glory. Will the Age of Rebirth be proven an aberration as history repeats itself?

Hero: Wilboman
World Spell: None
Starting Mana: Chaos, Enchantment, Water

Hell’s fury may not match a scorned maiden, but its greed and lust is unmatched. Finding some souls too strong or pure to be lured to hell, Agares’ disciples brought hell to Erebus. And so were the Infernals released, demons hungry for destruction led by the fearsome Hyborem. Slowly their influence spreads, corrupting the land and its inhabitants. If the people of Erebus fall prey to their darker side and fuel the Infernals power, the entire world will burn and Agares’ hell will hold sway over all creation.

Hero: Hyborem
World Spell: Hyborem's Whisper
Starting Mana: Entropy, Fire
Special Note: A player cannot start the game as the Infernals, instead the first civilization to research Infernal Pact invites them into the world.

Sturdy dwarves, the Khazad have finally stepped out to embrace their destiny as one of Erebus’ powers. Tradition holds them in a firm grip, but ambition draws them away from their underground homes. Steadfast in battle, in faith, and in friendship, they build their empire slowly but give not an inch in trade nor warfare. Arturus Throne and Kandros Fir bear each other an old grudge, but an older debt, and while neither would ask help, each would gladly die for the other.

Hero: Maros
World Spell: Motherlode
Starting Mana: Earth, Law
Special Note: The Khazad take pride in their treasury, in fact the productivity of the nation is controlled by how much gold they have stored. Rich players will be the most productive empire on Erebus, poor players will be battling unhappiness.

Cardith Lorda is a mysterious young boy with a supernatural wisdom and unmatched charisma. His dreams of building a peace and prosperity that can stand the assault of time and calamities draw men and women of all races to his teeming cities, marvels which put even the halls of the Bannor to shame. Will their unity be enough of a shield as the Kuriotates create a lasting haven, or will the savagery of their foes require ferocity in return?

Hero: Eurabatres the Gold Dragon
World Spell: Legends
Starting Mana: Spirit, Sun, Water
Special Note: The Kuriotates can only build 3 true cities. These super cities can work all plots within 3 tiles of the city instead of the nromal 2. All other cities in the Kuriotate empire are only Settlements which have no production, or cost any maintenance.

The oceans and seas of Erebus are home to the Lanun, an untamable people as comfortable on deck as on land. Every captain is a nation unto himself, and the two most powerful are Falamar and Hannah the Irin. Falamar is as dauntless as the waves, with an allure that draws in women from any port, while Hannah is as fickle as the wind, and a tempest when crossed. They are unrivaled on the waves, but as the conflicts of Erebus draws them in they will be forced to fight on battlegrounds of every type, and must stand firm or be buried in the sands of time.

Hero: Guybrush Threepwood, the Black Wind
World Spell: Raging Seas
Starting Mana: Air, Chaos, Water

Once the summer court spent its days in song and harmony with nature, but those days are long past. The death of their god set off a bloody civil war which was only stopped because the frozen world made travel impossible. Now that the Age of Ice is ended the surviving Ljosalfar are banding back together and the civil war can begin anew.

Hero: Gilden Silveric
World Spell: March of the Trees
Starting Mana: Air, Life, Nature

The cities of the Luchuirp are beautiful to behold. Enchanted lifts carry people throughout the city and powerful golems serve and guard the dwarves. Although most golems are unable to learn Barnaxus is an oddity even among the Luchuirp. Able to learn, and pass what he learns along to the rest of the Luchuirps golem army, no civilization is as influenced by one unit as the Luchuirp is by Barnaxus.

Hero: Barnaxus
World Spell: Gifts of Nantosuelta
Starting Mana: Earht, Enchantment, Life

The Malakim were a simple tribe of desert nomads until Varn Gosam found them. A Svartalfar who had been changed by contact with the sun god Lugus, he in turn changed their society profoundly. The Malakim will abide no darkness to dwell amongst them, and thieves and spies find it impossible to sneak through a Malakim city unnoticed. Their piety earns them foresight and prowess in their native sands, but will their unwavering principles earn them more enmity than they can survive?

Hero: Teutorix
World Spell: Religious Fervor
Starting Mana: Life, Mind, Sun

The Mercurians will enter the game when the Mercurian Gate wonder is built. They will join the team of the builder and will declare war against any civilization that worships the Ashen Veil. Although the Mercurians do have human followers, their most powerful units are only provided when the righteous die and are reborn as Angels.

Hero: Basium
World Spell: Divine Retribution
Starting Mana: Earth, Life
Special Note: No player can begin the game as the Mercurians, instead they join the team of the player that compeltes the Mercurian Gate wonder and that player may choose to stay with his current civilization or switch to the controlling the Mercurians when they come into play.

A new civilization in the Age of Rebirth, the Sheaim attract those exiled or running from other civilizations. They are promised power in trade for service, but few achieve it. Only the highest ranks are aware that the real goal of the Sheaim is the destruction of the world.

Hero: Abashi the Black Dragon
World Spell: Worldbreak
Starting Mana: Chaos, Dimensional, Fire

The Grey are rarely seen outside their borders. Partly because they see little reason to leave their empire and partly because when they do they travel invisibly. The true strength of the Sidar is that their specialists are more talented than other civilizations. Sages provide an additional research, merchants provide an additional gold, engineers an additional hammer and bards an additional culture. To make specialists even more powerful any Sidar unit of level 6 or higher can be transformed into a Shade, which can be added to a city as a specialist of any type.

Hero: Rathus Denmora
World Spell: Into the Mist
Starting Mana: Body, Enchantment, Spirit

Once the winter court danced beneath the stars but they abandoned their faith after the death of Sucellus and choose to revere Esus, the god of deception, instead. Now their midnight pranks have turned deadly and the illusions and games of former ages are used in war.

Hero: Alazkan the Assassin
World Spell: Veil of Night
Starting Mana: Mind, Nature, Shadow
Hear me, mortals, and heed me well. Whispers of forgotten lore have found my ears, the currents of time flows through my veins with every beat of my heart and bear visions of death and despair...

...As the wickedness of man takes hold of him, darkness will start to engulf his world. At first he will see nothing, only a few of the most gifted will even sense the change. The world will go on as it has, for a time, but the seed of its downfall has been sown...